SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) is a protocol used to exchange messages between systems on the Internet. It is often used in conjunction with Web Services, which allow disparate applications and systems to integrate with each other.

SOAP is based on the XML format and defines a structure for messages exchanged between systems. These messages typically contain requests and responses that are transmitted over the HTTP protocol. SOAP is used to describe and utilize Web services by providing methods and functions that can be called over the Internet.

There are some related technologies mentioned in connection with SOAP:

WSDL (Web Service Description Language): A description language used to describe Web services and define how they can be invoked.
UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration): A search engine for Web services that makes it possible to find and publish information about available Web services.
REST (Representational State Transfer): An architectural style for developing Web services based on the use of HTTP methods such as GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE. REST is an alternative to SOAP and is often considered more lightweight and easier to implement.

BITS experts have used SOAP in a variety of projects. A selection of case studies and references can be found below.

New and further development of a B2B software for order processing in the automotive sector

The goal of this project was to update a B2B software of a leading European vehicle manufacturer to the latest technical state of the art. Thus, not only the security level should be increased, but also the usability should be optimized. Furthermore, additional business processes and functionalities were added to the software.

Establishment and operation of a European trading platform for pharmaceuticals

Together with arex PHARMA GmbH, a specialist in the international trade and distribution of European pharmaceuticals, BITS GmbH has established the EU-wide trading platform Rxchange for pharmaceutical products as a strategic IT partner.

Internationalization of an application in particular of the function extension for 21 ESA markets as well as for importers

Further development of a Java business application of vehicle service contracts for international use.

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