Development of a web application for the exchange of information between partner brands

BITS has been developing a Java business application for process support in the testing of (commercial) vehicles for over 15 years. An important role is played here by the collection and processing of data, especially defects, as well as the exchange of this information between partner brands in collaboration projects.

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Brands in the Group use internal brand systems and processes to log data, defects and faults on vehicles. These systems had to be functionally connected with each other by means of an interface.

The goal was to facilitate the then existing process for collaboration on defects through partial automation, thereby supporting cross-brand collaboration.


The technical challenge was primarily to achieve integration of the brand-specific mangle handling processes. Here, a common exchange object was defined that contains the common and exchangeable information.

Technically, the challenges were integrating the new feature into the existing Mangel Domain Object, as well as event handling for synchronous and asynchronous interface calls.


BITS GmbH took over all the necessary services, from the conception and coordination of technical requirements with the involvement of all the people involved at the customer, through sprint planning, implementation and introduction of changes and new developments, to the maintenance of the introduced systems.

BITS provided a project manager to coordinate development activities, a technical consultant, a development team for implementation, and a test team for quality assurance.

The implementation was based on the following technical basis:

  • Implementation of the interface as REST API (bidirectional, asynchronous, event-based)

  • Backend: Implementation based on Java technologies

Project roles at a glance

BITS experts took on the following roles in this project.

  • IT-Consulting / Consulting

  • IT Project Management

  • IT Quality Assurance

  • Senior Software Architecture

  • Senior Fullstack Java Development

  • Senior Oracle Database Development

Tools & Technologies

The following tools and technologies were used in this project.


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