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JavaScript is a scripting language mainly used for web application development. It is supported by almost all modern web browsers and allows to implement dynamic and interactive functionality in web pages.

Some technologies that are relevant in the context of JavaScript are:

Web Frameworks: These frameworks provide a structured and advanced environment for web application development. Examples of such frameworks include React, Angular, and Vue.js.
Libraries: Libraries are collections of functions and resources that enable certain tasks to be performed more easily and quickly. Examples of JavaScript libraries are jQuery and Lodash.
Build Tools: Build tools are tools used to simplify and streamline the web application development process. Examples of build tools include Grunt, Gulp, and Webpack.
Transpiler: Transpilers are tools that translate source code into another language to make it more suitable for certain purposes or platforms. Examples of transpilers used for JavaScript are Babel and TypeScript.

BITS experts have used Javascript in a variety of projects, both front-end and back-end. A selection of case studies and references can be found below.

Programming, operation and further development of the curated recruiting platform for personal network recruiting

On behalf of opexxia GmbH, a consulting and implementation agency for complex operational projects in the retail sector, BITS GmbH as IT development partner implemented and successfully put into operation the Internet recruiting platform

Integration of GPT-4 (ChatGPT) via OpenAI API into an enterprise travel application for automated curated content generation.

The goal of this project was to streamline the process of creating personalized recommendations for places and experiences through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) by integrating features of GPT-4 (ChatGPT) into an enterprise web app via the OpenAI API.

Development of a web application and a mobile app to improve breast cancer patient follow-up.

Together with AIM-Apps in Medicine GmbH, AOK Bayern, DAK Gesundheit and Siemens Betriebskrankenkasse (SBK), under the direction of the Klinikum rechts der Isar of the Technical University of Munich (MRI), BITS GmbH participated in the PRISMA study as a consortium partner for the technical infrastructure.

Internationalization of an application in particular of the function extension for 21 ESA markets as well as for importers

Further development of a Java business application of vehicle service contracts for international use.

Connection of production machines of a medium-sized manufacturer to the Industry 4.0 OEE solution of BITS for monitoring and optimization of production

The task of BITS was to monitor and control production machines with the help of an OEE solution in order to optimize quality, utilization and costs.

Development and operation of the DACH wide Internet e-commerce platform

Together with drink now GmbH, a specialist in beverage sales, BITS GmbH has set up and operates the Internet e-commerce platform as a strategic IT partner successful to this day.

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