WingS | Java | UI | Swing | JavaFX
WingS is a Java library designed to simplify the creation of user interfaces (UI) for applications. WingS is designed to help programmers create user interfaces in Java by providing a variety of graphical user interface (GUI) components that they can integrate into their applications.

WingS is mainly used in software development and is often used in conjunction with other Java libraries such as Swing or JavaFX. Swing is another Java library used for creating user interfaces, while JavaFX is a platform that allows creating interactive user interfaces for desktop and mobile applications.

WingS is commonly used in desktop application development, but can also be used in web application development by integrating it as part of a Java-based web framework such as JavaServer Faces (JSF).

BITS experts have used WingS in a variety of projects. A selection of case studies and references can be found below.

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