HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a standardized programming language used to create web pages and web applications. It allows describing the structure and content of a web document so that browsers can display the content correctly for users.

HTML can be used to define the various elements of a web page, such as headings, paragraphs, lists, and links. The <p> tag is used to define a paragraph, while the <h1> tag defines a first-level heading. You can also add images, videos and other multimedia content to the website. Also, HTML can be used to create forms that allow users to enter and submit data to the website.

Besides HTML, there are a number of other technologies for creating web pages and applications. These include:

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets): CSS is used to define the visual style of a web page, including colors, fonts, and layout. It allows web developers to separate the content of a web page (written in HTML) from its presentation (defined in CSS), making it easier to maintain and update the appearance of a website.

JavaScript: JavaScript is a programming language commonly used to add interactivity to web pages. It enables web developers to create dynamic, user-friendly interfaces that can update and change in response to user input.

DOM (Document Object Model): The DOM is a tree-like representation of a web page that is created by a browser when a web page is loaded. It allows web developers to manipulate the content and structure of a web page programmatically using JavaScript.

Together, these technologies form the foundation for creating modern, interactive websites and web applications.

BITS experts have used HTML as well as other programming languages in a variety of projects. A selection of case studies and references can be found below.

New and further development of a B2B software for order processing in the automotive sector

The goal of this project was to update a B2B software of a leading European vehicle manufacturer to the latest technical state of the art. Thus, not only the security level should be increased, but also the usability should be optimized. Furthermore, additional business processes and functionalities were added to the software.

Development of a web application and a mobile app to improve breast cancer patient follow-up.

Together with AIM-Apps in Medicine GmbH, AOK Bayern, DAK Gesundheit and Siemens Betriebskrankenkasse (SBK), under the direction of the Klinikum rechts der Isar of the Technical University of Munich (MRI), BITS GmbH participated in the PRISMA study as a consortium partner for the technical infrastructure.

Internationalization of an application in particular of the function extension for 21 ESA markets as well as for importers

Further development of a Java business application of vehicle service contracts for international use.

Connection of production machines of a medium-sized manufacturer to the Industry 4.0 OEE solution of BITS for monitoring and optimization of production

The task of BITS was to monitor and control production machines with the help of an OEE solution in order to optimize quality, utilization and costs.

Development and operation of the DACH wide Internet e-commerce platform

Together with drink now GmbH, a specialist in beverage sales, BITS GmbH has set up and operates the Internet e-commerce platform as a strategic IT partner successful to this day.

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