Seamless connection of a Shopware 6 online store with the SAP Business ByDesign ERP system

In this project, BITS experts connected the online store of a manufacturer of refrigeration solutions in the food(easy2cool) and pharmaceutical(Licopharm) industries to their SAP ERP system. For this purpose, individual interfaces between Shopware 6 and SAP Business ByDesign were designed and implemented. At the same time, a test environment was set up and put into productive operation after successful testing.

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The tasks of BITS here were the IT conception and IT consulting, the individual development of the SAP interface as a Shopware 6 plugin, as well as the commissioning of the finished solution.

The project was carried out in an agile manner on the basis of the BITS MVP process model with the aim of being able to further expand the solution in the future.

The expertise of BITS

“Working closely with the team at BITS, we were able to seamlessly connect our Shopware 6 online store to our SAP ERP system. The expert know-how and professionalism of the entire team contributed significantly to the success of the project. We at easy2cool GmbH look forward to further expanding the developed solution together with BITS.”

matthias holhut. BITS GmbHMatthias Holhut, Business Development Manager of easy2cool GmbH


The task in this project was to develop an individual interface between two standard software solutions in order to exchange and keep synchronized all relevant data.

At the same time, a new test environment was to be set up in which future development projects could be carried out.

The solution should be flexible and future-proof in order to be able to react quickly to individual requirements. Commissioning should take place without downtime.

  • Online store based on Shopware 6

  • SAP ERP system based on SAP ByDesign

  • Setting up a test environment

  • Commissioning of the interface without downtime


First, a test environment was set up and put into operation in parallel to the productive environment in order to be able to test all future developments and enhancements independently of ongoing operations.

Subsequently, the interface between the two standard software solutions was designed and programmed as a Shopware 6 plugin in order to be able to operate and flexibly develop the interface independently of software updates of the standard solutions in the future.

After a successful test phase, the interface was taken live without interrupting ongoing operations.

In this project, the experts from BITS took on the roles of IT consulting, IT project management, software development, and IT infrastructure.

We look forward to expanding the solution in the future.

  • Set-up of test environment parallel to productive environment

  • Development of the interface as Shopware 6 plugin

  • Successful test phase in the test environment

  • Developed solution takes into account the updateability of standard components

  • Commissioning of the solution without downtime

  • Flexible and agile future development

The agile process model of BITS

The implementation of the project was based on the agile process model MVP by BITS and enabled a GoLive 6 weeks after the idea and target definition.

Agiles Vorgehensmodell MVP by BITS 1

Project roles at a glance

BITS experts took on the following roles in this project.

  • IT-Consulting / Consulting

  • IT Project Management

  • Infrastructure / Operation

  • Software development

  • Shopware 6 programming

  • SAP byDesign Development

Tools & Technologies

The following tools and technologies were used in this project.


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