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Prototyping involves creating a preliminary version of a product or system to test and refine its design. It is an important part of the design process because it allows designers and developers to experiment with different ideas, evaluate their feasibility, and identify problems that need to be fixed before developing the final product.

Prototyping is used for a variety of purposes, including testing new designs, exploring new technologies, and demonstrating the functionality of a product or system to stakeholders. It can be used at various stages of the design process, from early concept development to final testing and refinement.

There are many technologies that can be used for prototyping, including physical models, computer aided design (CAD) software, and 3D printing. Prototyping may also include the use of simulation tools and software, as well as hardware prototyping platforms and microcontroller boards.

Overall, prototyping is an important tool for designers and developers because it allows them to explore and iterate on their ideas and create functional models that can be tested and evaluated before the final product is developed.

BITS experts have used protoyping in a variety of projects. A selection of case studies and references can be found below.

New and further development of a B2B software for order processing in the automotive sector

The goal of this project was to update a B2B software of a leading European vehicle manufacturer to the latest technical state of the art. Thus, not only the security level should be increased, but also the usability should be optimized. Furthermore, additional business processes and functionalities were added to the software.

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