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PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a programming language mainly used for web development. It is a server-side language, i.e. it runs on the web server and the resulting HTML is sent to the client’s web browser. PHP is often used to create dynamic websites, which means that the content of the website can change based on certain inputs or conditions.

PHP is used to create and manipulate databases, generate HTML or other markup language, send and receive cookies, and perform many other tasks common to dynamic websites. It integrates with a variety of databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle, and it can be used in conjunction with other technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create interactive and engaging websites.

PHP is an open source language, which means that the source code is available for anyone to use and modify. It is widely used and supported by a large community of developers, which makes it a popular choice for web development.

Related technologies that are often used in conjunction with PHP include:

MySQL: A popular database management system often used with PHP to store and retrieve data for web applications.

Apache: An open source web server commonly used to host PHP applications.

HTML: A markup language used to structure and format the content of web pages.

CSS: A stylesheet language used to control the appearance of web pages.

JavaScript: A programming language used to add interactivity and dynamic features to web pages.

BITS experts have used PHP in a wide range of projects. A selection of case studies and references can be found below.

Development and operation of the DACH wide Internet e-commerce platform

Together with drink now GmbH, a specialist in beverage sales, BITS GmbH has set up and operates the Internet e-commerce platform as a strategic IT partner successful to this day.

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