Replacement of an existing quality management software application in a subsidiary by the introduction of a web-based in-house development from the group of companies

In this project, an aging software application in the area of quality management, which was used, among other things, to process quality defects of purchased parts, was replaced by an in-house development of another subsidiary.

BITS took over the IT project management in this project and ensured a successful and on-time replacement and introduction of the software application.


The cooperation with BITS GmbH

“BITS did an excellent job of replacing our long-standing quality management software application with an adapted, web-based group solution. Thanks to their IT consultants and IT project managers, we were able to successfully merge the two solutions and master corporate cultural challenges in an exemplary manner. In 24 months, BITS has made a significant contribution to implementing a more efficient and economical solution that has optimized our internal processes, organizational structures, and collaboration with our suppliers.”

John Vogl, MAN Truck & Bus SE, Product Owner eQ²-System


The task in this project was to replace two existing quality management software applications from different subgroups with a common system.

In addition to the technical requirements, the different corporate cultures of the two subgroups and their different process models in project management proved to be the greatest challenge in implementing this project.

On the one hand, the project was planned and managed according to the classic waterfall model. On the other hand, an agile approach was taken according to Scrum.

Technically, the challenge was the integration and transfer of the numerous data from the old software solution.

  • Different corporate cultures of the subgroups

  • Different process models in project management

  • Integration and transfer of the numerous data from the old software application


Before the start of the project, a market/comparison analysis of various systems was carried out and then the existing software solution of one of the two subsidiaries was selected as the future solution, as it demonstrated greater cost-effectiveness and better usability than the alternative systems.

Before the replacement of the second, and the introduction of the new global software solution, a detailed analysis of the various group landscapes was carried out . Among other things, all interfaces and the various scenarios were analyzed. Furthermore, the necessary contacts, responsible departments and suppliers were identified and involved in the conversion process.

The aim was, among other things, to ensure that existing interfaces between the groups remained as unchanged as possible and that the new software solution was implemented with the least possible effort and cost.

To simplify access to the application and increase security, single sign-on was implemented for Group employees.

For suppliers, some of the web portal was new, so they had to be integrated and trained to ensure they understood and could use the new application effectively.

The project was successfully completed with the help of BITS experts in the period of 2 years.

  • Detailed analysis of the various group landscapes

  • Analysis of all interfaces and different scenarios

  • Identification of the necessary contact persons, responsible departments as well as the suppliers and integration into the conversion process

  • Implementation of the new software application with the least possible effort and cost

  • Implementation of single sign-on for Group employees

  • Training of suppliers

Project roles at a glance

BITS experts took on the following roles in this project:

  • IT Project Management

  • IT Consulting


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