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SAP Business Warehouse (BW) is a data warehousing and reporting solution that helps companies manage and analyze large amounts of data from various sources. It is a key component of the SAP Business Intelligence (BI) suite, which provides tools and technologies for creating reports, dashboards and other business intelligence (BI) applications.

BW is used to store, organize and analyze data from a variety of sources, including SAP and non-SAP systems. It is typically used to support decision making, performance monitoring and strategic planning within an organization. With BW, users can create reports and dashboards based on real-time or historical data and share insights with other stakeholders in the organization.

BW integrates with a range of other SAP and non-SAP technologies, including SAP HANA, SAP Data Services, and SAP Business Objects. These technologies can be used to extract, transform, and load data into BW, as well as to create and publish reports and dashboards based on BW data.

Overall, SAP Business Warehouse is a powerful tool for managing and analyzing data and is used by companies in various industries to support their business intelligence and decision-making needs.

BITS experts have used SAP Business Warehouse in a wide range of projects. A selection of case studies and references can be found below.

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