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Transition management for data centers, computer centers and IT infrastructures

Transition Management

We ensure that your IT infrastructures are integrated in a controlled and smooth manner.

You want to move a data center or other IT infrastructure – from A to B, or to the cloud? Contact us, because we have experience in mastering highly complex migration projects.

We know the optimal process of a transition on the way from conception to handover of operations. Our experienced project managers draw on our proven project methodology and use tools specially designed for these requirements. For you, this means a controlled transition and smooth processes.


Conception, planning, control and execution of a data center move with production-critical infrastructure

BITS organized and coordinated the relocation of the IT landscape from one data center to a new data center for a globally active corporation in the automotive industry (data center migration). The project comprised around 150 applications and 600 servers, some of which had production-relevant effects, and was supported by us over a period of 3 years.

Transition Management

We were able to profitably apply our experience in the IT infrastructure sector during the relocation of the complete data centers of a major corporation. The particular challenge was the relocation of the complete server infrastructure within one year during ongoing operations and the resulting high complexity of the processes to be planned.


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