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C# (pronounced “C-sharp”) is a popular programming language developed by Microsoft in the early 2000s. It is a general-purpose language that is intended to be simple, elegant, and powerful, and is commonly used to create a variety of applications, including desktop applications, mobile applications, web applications, and games. C# is an object-oriented language, which means that it is based on the concept of objects and their interactions with each other, rather than simply being a series of statements executed in a linear fashion.

There are several popular C# frameworks that are widely used by developers, including the .NET framework, a comprehensive software development platform from Microsoft, and the ASP.NET framework, which is specifically designed for building web applications. Other popular C# frameworks include the Xamarin framework, which is used for developing cross-platform mobile applications, and the Unity framework, which is commonly used for game development.

C# is often used in conjunction with other technologies such as databases and web servers to create powerful and scalable applications. For example, C# can be used with the Microsoft SQL Server database to create data-driven applications, and it can be used with the IIS Web server to create and host Web applications. C# also integrates well with other languages and technologies such as JavaScript and HTML, making it a versatile and flexible language for building a wide range of applications.

In summary, C# is a popular programming language that can be used to create a wide variety of applications, from desktop software to mobile applications and games. It is a powerful and versatile language supported by a number of frameworks and technologies, which makes it an attractive choice for many developers.

BITS experts have used C#, C# frameworks as well as related technologies in a wide range of projects. A selection of case studies and references can be found below.

Migration and optimization of a legacy application due to end of support and security risks as well as enhancement with new modern interfaces

The task in this project was to migrate and modernize a 20+ year old in-house development for managing technical drawings due to end of support and security risks, and to create a new GUI.

Establishment and operation of a European trading platform for pharmaceuticals

Together with arex PHARMA GmbH, a specialist in the international trade and distribution of European pharmaceuticals, BITS GmbH has established the EU-wide trading platform Rxchange for pharmaceutical products as a strategic IT partner.

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