Migration of a Java business application to Docker as well as startup within a Kubernetes cluster

In this project, the task was to migrate a hotel management software consisting of Java backend, relational database and Angular frontend from a native server environment to a Kubernetes cluster. At the same time, the Kubernetes cluster was designed, rebuilt and commissioned.

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The BITS project team handled all technical roles and tasks in this project, starting with planning and building a new production Kubernetes cluster, containerizing the existing Java business application, and migrating all server environments including development, test, and live environments.

The cooperation with BITS

“As a 100% subsidiary of BITS GmbH, we, customice GmbH, have been working successfully with BITS as a strategic IT partner for a very long time. With this project, we have further expanded our hotel management platform in terms of agility, reliability and stability, and we are very pleased to be able to integrate the wide-ranging individual requirements of our customers into our system even more easily in the future.”

DSC00606Birgitta Tafelmeier, Customer Success Manager, customice GmbH


The challenge was to analyze the existing Java business application, containerize it using Docker, set up a new Kubernetes cluster, and deploy the application with all its environments and interfaces there and get it up and running.

Another task was to manage the transition from a monolithic application structure to a containerized environment.

In addition, there was a goal to implement a CI/CD pipeline to enable fully automated deployment in a test environment.

In addition, the productive operation of the platform could not be impaired by the migration project.

  • Monolithic Java business application

  • Migration in productive operation

  • New Kubernetes cluster

  • Time & Budget


Once the new Kubernetes cluster environment was designed, the transition was accomplished with the use of Rancher.

The Java business application was containerized using Docker.

In addition, a CI/CD pipeline was introduced to enable automated deployments. This improved the efficiency of the development team and enabled faster and more reliable delivery of software updates.

Migrating the application to Docker and Kubernetes has significantly improved the flexibility and scalability of the application. By moving to containerized deployment, changes to the application can now be made more efficiently and with virtually no downtime. In addition, the introduction of a CI/CD pipeline has significantly increased the speed and efficiency of the deployment process.

BITS took on all IT roles during implementation, from conception to project management and individual development to operation of the finished solution. Continuous further development is also carried out by BITS.

  • Analysis of the Java business application and components

  • Containerization of the Java application

  • Migration of the productive environment

  • Design of the new Kubernetes cluster

  • Building the new Kubernetes cluster

  • CI/CD Pipline

Project roles at a glance

BITS experts took on the following roles in this project.

  • IT-Consulting / Consulting

  • IT Project Management

  • IT Quality Assurance

  • Infrastructure / Operation

  • IT / System Architecture

  • Fullstack development

  • Product Owner

  • DevOps


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