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TeamViewer is a software that allows accessing and working on another computer from one computer. This function is called remote desktop.

TeamViewer is often used to access a computer from a remote location to work on it or to troubleshoot problems. It is commonly used by IT support teams to access remote computers and resolve issues without requiring the user to approach the computer. It can also be used by people who work from home and need to access their office computer.

Related technologies to TeamViewer are other remote desktop software such as Remote Desktop from Microsoft or VNC (Virtual Network Computing). These tools also allow accessing and working on remote computers.

BITS experts have used TeamViewer in a wide range of projects. A selection of case studies and references can be found below.

Transition Management

We were able to profitably apply our experience in the IT infrastructure sector during the relocation of the complete data centers of a major corporation. The particular challenge was the relocation of the complete server infrastructure within one year during ongoing operations and the resulting high complexity of the processes to be planned.

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