Expansion and further development of an online platform for a medical study

Digitalisierung Individualsoftware Website Entwicklung Mobile Entwicklung BITS GmbH

June 21, 2023

In May 2023, a web platform developed by BITS for conducting studies digitally was rolled out across Germany.

The need for digitization arose when contact restrictions came into effect in 2020 due to the Corona pandemic and the ongoing study at a clinic in Munich was abruptly interrupted. In order to be able to continue the research nevertheless, improvised telephone conferences were initially resorted to. But it quickly became clear that a more comprehensive digital solution in the form of a web platform was needed to replace the physical course room. In collaboration with BITS, a customized web platform was developed that allows participants to continue the study entirely digitally.

The new web platform allows participants to conduct digital video conferences to replace the previous face-to-face meetings. They can also fill out regular questionnaires and download course materials digitally. The platform was designed to be user-friendly to ensure intuitive operation and a positive user experience.

“We are extremely pleased with the positive feedback from Munich Hospital, which has embraced our solution so well. This feedback encourages us to continue our projects in the health care sector and to expand our presence there,” says Marc Schallehn, technical project manager of the project and managing director of BITS GmbH.

For more information on the origins and challenges of the project, read this article.