Optimization of logistics processes: Migration and new development of a web-based solution for empties container management

The goal of this project was to optimize the customer’s empty container shipping process by replacing and completing an existing MS Access-based system with a more modern web-based solution with enhanced functionality. The new solution should enable automated prioritization, planning and documentation of the shipping of empty containers, facilitate collaboration with carriers and reduce shipping costs by optimizing shipping volumes.

Agiles IT Projektmanagement bei BITS


The initial situation of this project presented us with a number of challenges, including the migration of the part of the project that had previously been developed by another service provider. Due to the existing structures and limitations of the old system, extensions and adaptations were significantly more difficult. It was of paramount importance to ensure that the transition to the new solution did not disrupt the client’s ongoing operations. The migration of the existing system to new Tomcat servers and the integration of further developments into the previously developed solution presented the project team with additional challenges.

  • Flexibility requirements

  • Continuity of operations

  • Migration


We have taken a number of measures to overcome these challenges and successfully complete the project.
We carried out a detailed analysis to identify the existing strengths and weaknesses of the system. This analysis served as the basis for planning the outstanding development tasks. We worked closely with the client to develop a deep understanding of the technical requirements and objectives of the project. This made it possible to tailor the new solution specifically to the customer’s needs. The use of an agile development approach enabled us to react flexibly to changes and adjustments, which in turn made it easier to implement the customer’s requirements. The successful migration of the existing system to new servers and the seamless integration into the new solution was ensured by the expertise of our team.

These measures enabled us to successfully overcome the challenges and gradually introduce the new solution while minimizing potential disruptions. The focus was always on maintaining and improving the customer’s operations, and the introduction of the new solution took place without interruption. This resulted in time and cost savings and increased efficiency for the customer.

  • Thorough analysis

  • Cooperation with the customer

  • Agile development process

  • Migration expertise

Project roles at a glance

BITS experts took on the following roles in this project.

  • IT Project Management

  • System architecture

  • IT-Consulting / Consulting

  • Software development

    Tools & Technologies

    The following tools and technologies were used in this project.


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