Good AI, Bad AI | Discussion Lecture

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) and its increasingly cognitive capabilities, issues are emerging that affect the job market, educational careers, and geopolitics alike. How do we interact with machines that are smarter than we are? Are we building a happiness utopia with them or are we endangering the working world of the future?

We will discuss these and other questions together with Juan Moreno (in 2019 Moreno was awarded “Journalist of the Year” ). He has been studying the societal consequences of AI for years and believes the potential dangers of unchecked research in this field are catastrophic and calls for government regulation. His expertise as a journalist and knowledge of Artificial Intelligence will give us valuable insights into the topic around AI and the future.

Later in the event, Marc Schallehn (Managing Director of BITS GmbH) will talk about the impact of artificial intelligence on daily work at BITS.


Juan Moreno Journalist / 2019 „Journalist des Jahres“

Juan Moreno

Journalist / 2019 “Journalist of the Year

Marc Schallehn Geschäftsführer BITS GmbH

Marc Schallehn
[email protected]

Managing Director


  1. Welcome
  2. Lecture with Juan Moreno
  3. Break/Discussion
  4. Lecture with Marc Schallehn
  5. Snack/Discussion

The event will take place on 23.05.2023 from 9:30-12:30 at the premises of Welfenstraße 22, 81541 Munich. Parking spaces are available.

Participation is of course free of charge for you.


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