Based on ideas we realise visions together with our partners.

We join our know-how, our experience, our innovation power and our resources from our divisions “Individual software” and “Consulting & Project management” within our “Ventures” division. On this basis we are developing own ideas and offering professional support to our partners evolving their business ideas.



Break new ground with your company – in ideas creation, prototyping, project planning and implementation. Our offer is an agile offsite approach.

In small and dynamic teams, detached from their usual working environment, we guide your employees through the whole evolving process. Starting with an innovative idea, running through different process steps to the point of a ready-made solution and a subsequent market launch or launch within your organization – we are your professional coaching partner.


You, personally, as a team or within your own company or start-up, have an idea and you are looking for an implementation partner? You are lacking the specific know-how, infrastructure, office location or meeting space?

We support you to the full extent as a technical-innovative partner during the realization of your project.

Gain profit out of our experience in conception, business planning, setting up the necessary IT infrastructure, software implementation and maintenance.


In the beginning there is always an idea…

… the simplest ideas are likely to be the most successful ones. This means there is not really a „bad idea“ – first of all it’s important to work on ideas in a professional way, to encounter them objectively – often the biggest chances are emerging out of  an early failure.

We provide the right tools and support you finding new ideas and new strategies for your company.


In the past years we have realized several business ideas successfully – involving different partners in different line-ups.

Technically, by using our own frameworks we are able to realise new applications very quickly. This means a very short time to test and to establish them on the market.

Below you get an impression how different successful approaches can be.


As partner and service provider we have supported several start-ups in the last couple of years. Below you find some examples of our present projects, partnerships and investments in both areas, Business Ventures and Start-up Ventures. We are happy to present them to you personally at any time.


arex Pharma | rxChange Pharma Online Marketplace

As a mid-size company focused on European trade, sales and reimport of pharmaceutical products, arex Pharma provides cost-efficient pharmaceutical products for pharmacies and hospitals as well as distributors and producers. That way arex Pharma does it’s bit to reduce costs within the health care system.

With rxChange Arex Pharma provides a B2B online marketplace for pharmaceutical products where it’s possible to trade specific batches of these products.

Telum BITS is supporting arex Pharma with project management, supervision of development and software architecture since several years. We are in charge of the coordination and disposition of near and offshore development teams.

WEBSITE streamlines sales and logistic processes in the area of beverage distribution, ordering and delivery. After the launch of the probably most sophisticated internet shop within this industry and the start of a centralized portal solution, new customer groups can be addressed and bound to the offering and services of A new logistics solution enables beverage retailers to optimise their daily fulfilment, and creates new market opportunities.

Telum BITS is supporting as an IT infrastructure and consulting partner. Technically we are launching and up-scaling shop systems, and as a business partner we are driving business development and online marketing for this young company.



Meine Busenfreundin (my bosom friend)

The diagnosis of breast cancer is always a shock. The idea behind the app „Meine Busenfreundin“ was developed by Prof. Dr. Marion Kiechle. It’s mayor aim is to help women to manage this serious disease. „Meine Busenfreundin“ supports patients and guides them, provides fundamental medical information, suggests hints and acting rules during and beyond their medical treatments. As a founding partner, we are in charge for application development on the one hand and on the other hand we are supporting this young start-up in the area of project- and product management as well as strategic marketing.